Asparagus and Garlic Clove Dinner

Recipe - Asparagus and Garlic Clove Dinner

I. Create a Quick, Easy, and Healthy Dinner

In the beginning I figured there was no such factor like healthy Thanksgiving recipes. Upon further reflection, however, I recognized which I really will have this type of recipe, that we make every Thanksgiving. All the elements ñ asparagus, garlic clove, and additional virgin essential olive oil ñ are very healthy.

Recipe - Asparagus and Garlic Clove Dinner

Asparagus is just one of my personal favorite veggies. When I was young, Iíd eat a whole can of asparagus on my own. Now that Iím older and also have more refined tastebuds, I favor fresh asparagus. This can be a great vegetable for individuals that are counting calories and watching their body fat intake. Twelve large asparagus sticks only have 45 calories and very little body fat, plus no cholesterol. Additionally, the twelve have about 30% from the suggested daily dependence along with a nice quantity of potassium.

Garlic clove is ideal for your heart. Itís an excellent bloodstream thinner, which will help to avoid thrombus. Finally, garlic clove has antibacterial and antifungal qualities, which, based on some studies, might help to reduce the chance of stomach cancer.

Essential olive oil consists of about 74% monounsaturated body fat and just 8% polyunsaturated body fat. The very first will help lower LDL ñ unhealthy cholesterol ñ without reducing high-density lipoprotein levels ó the great cholesterol. Some studies also indicate that monounsaturated fats may really assist to lower bloodstream pressure too. Polyunsaturated fats can lower LDL (unhealthy) levels of cholesterol too, however, High-density lipoprotein (the great) levels may also be decreased. (Note: All oils have both types of body fat. Choose oils greater in monounsaturated body fat minimizing in polyunsaturated body fat.)

Recipe - Asparagus and Garlic Clove Dinner

Now you know by pointing out health advantages of all the elements of the recipe, itís time to place them together. This can be a ridiculously easy dish to create and provides extensive flavor.

II. Sauted Asparagus and Garlic clove

Cover the foot of a sizable fry pan with extra virgin essential olive oil. (I like the flavor from the extra virgin however, you should use whatever kind of essential olive oil that you simply prefer.) Set the temperature on medium and permit the oil to warmth. (Essential olive oil will begin to smoke just a little when itís heated.) Chop 4-5 cloves of garlic. (You are able to really use just as much garlic clove as you desire.) Chop from the woodsy finishes of the asparagus and the garlic and place the asparagus and garlic clove into the pan. Prepare, stirring from time to time, before the asparagus may be the preferred tenderness however, itíll taste far better if you donít overcook it. Remove from warmth, pepper and salt to taste, and serve.

Recipe - Asparagus and Garlic Clove Dinner

This was an absurdly easy dish to prepare, and so it can be used not only for Thanksgiving, but for other nights too. Health really is a factor here and flavor is included, so go ahead and try the dish out. Itís quick and easy!

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